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Moss Beach

Beach Moss

Imagine hearing the distant sounds of crashing waves and barking seals as you step outside of your home. The smell of salt water flowing over the hillside, throughout the harbor, and onto your doorstep. The light dripping of fog that will stay until the sun burns it away. Driving to town, you watch as a small airplane takes off and flies over the Pillar Point Harbor, where a massive old-time ship has come for a visit. Surfers sit on the water at the beach, just hoping that some wave might come take them for a ride.

Woods Fitgerald

The sounds, smells, and sights of Moss Beach are certainly wonderful. With just over a population of 3,000, Moss Beach has the cozy feel of home wherever you wander, and yet it’s so close to Silicon Valley and San Francisco that you can commute effortlessly.

Fitz Tidal Pools

You can count on a glorious time when you come to Moss Beach, California. This friendly community is home to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. A wonderful safe haven for the California Harbor Seal and many other sea creatures that can be found in the tide pools there. Pack a lunch and head over to discover the small creatures that live just off our shore.


If you enjoy great places to eat, come join us for a great meal at the Historic Moss Beach Distillery. Originally established in 1927 as a speakeasy, it was later converted into a successful restaurant after the repeal of the Prohibition in 1933, and has been serving great food ever since. But that’s not all there is to this resaurant: the legend of the Blue Lady has lead many paranormal seekers to its doors. Her story revolves around a mysterious murder that is said to have occurred on the bluffs near the restaurant. The victim still remains, reminding people of her existence with swaying chandeliers, laughter, and occasional haunting appearances. With great food and this legend to entertain, the Distillery is a place you want to check out.

Places to Dine:
Moss Beach Distillery
140 Beach Way, Moss Beach
Odessey Pizza
2350 Carlos St, Moss Beach
El Gran Amigo Taqueria
2448 Cabrillo Hwy, Moss Beach

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Full service management for your rental property.

Property Marketing

The moment your rental home becomes vacant, our team goes to work finding new tenants. We market the unit across multiple listing services and schedule showings quickly.

Tenant Screening

All potential tenants must meet our strict internal screening standards. We carefully review every application we receive, and we only approve qualified tenants.

Rent Collection

Keep your rental income coming in like clockwork each month! We handle all billing and rent collection on your behalf. Your funds are directly deposited to your bank account.


When your rental home needs some attention from the experts, breathe easy knowing we're on your side! We coordinate all maintenance and handle all associated billing.

Property Inspections

By performing regular inspections, our team ensures tenants are adhering to the terms of their leases, and catches problems before they spiral out of control.

Financial Reporting

We generate monthly financial reports detailing your earnings and expenses. Simply sign into your account portal at any time for a comprehensive overview of your rental's performance!

Why Choose the Glen Mitchell Group?

Our Integrity Always Comes First

Operating with honesty is one of the key driving principles of our business. The bottom line is this: we aren't interested at making a profit at your expense. Every member of our rental staff strives to uphold the highest standard of integrity in all we do.

Our Team Uses the Latest Technology

Say goodbye to the old paper trail, once and for all! At the Glen Mitchell Group, we've brought property management into the 21st century with tech resources designed to keep us efficient and connected to you.


As your property manager, it's our job to represent your interests and keep you informed on what's taking place inside your home. We're available by phone and email, and we do everything possible to respond to your messages quickly.

We're Experienced Local Pros

When it comes to your Half Moon Bay rental home, you deserve the best support possible. Our team has worked with countless homeowners down the Coastside, and we know how to get great results for our clients. We own our own office and rental properties too! We certainly mean it when we say "we treat your property as if it were our own."



Satisfied Client

"Glen Mitchel has provided a superior property management service to me for many years. From marketing to interviewing tenants and providing lease agreements to efficiently handling every problem that arises. His management is experienced and reliable."


Satisfied Client

"Glen was a big help in securing tenants for my property when I needed to rent it out. I have found him to be knowledgeable and trustworthy with everything he has done to this point. I would definitely recommend his real estate services to others."

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If you own rentals in Half Moon Bay or along the Coastside, you already understand the challenges that come with property ownership. From finding the right tenants for your home to handling monthly billing and maintenance chores, keeping a rental property afloat takes plenty of hard work and experience. On top of that, keeping up with governmental regulations like state rent control, or dealing with issues related to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) are some pretty big additional hurdles for you to go through alone. Working with a professional Half Moon Bay property management team can ease the pressure on your shoulders!

At the Glen Mitchell Group, our focus is simple: we want to help our homeowners to maximize their profitability. Our team works tirelessly to keep your rental performing optimally, and we stay in close contact with you so you're never left guessing what's taking place inside your home. Contact us today to schedule a free rental consultation and learn how we can help address all your rental management needs!

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